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Elise is a passionate, creative, problem-solving family law attorney who creates solutions, not obstacles. After evacuating her hometown of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and surviving a divorce, Elise landed in Seattle and founded her law firm. Elise's practice involves all aspects of estate planning and family law, guided by a collaborative philosophy and her deep understanding of complex parenting issues. Elise opened her firm during a period of personal adversity and now Elise's firm has experienced its most significant growth yet, which she attributes primarily to her driving force and mantra: "I can do it."

About the co- host, Elise:

Real explanation of what an Estate Plan is

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You Need A Plan:

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About the co- host, Betsy:

Betsy Wurdeman joined our firm in 2021 and is an estate planning attorney who strives to make the process approachable and affordable for everyone. With a passion for providing peace of mind to individuals and families alike through comprehensive and compassionate planning, Betsy provides clients with a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective experience.