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Elise is a passionate, creative, problem-solving family law attorney who creates solutions, not obstacles. After evacuating her hometown of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and surviving a divorce, Elise landed in Seattle and founded her law firm. Elise's practice involves all aspects of estate planning and family law, guided by a collaborative philosophy and her deep understanding of complex parenting issues. Elise opened her firm during a period of personal adversity and now Elise's firm has experienced its most significant growth yet, which she attributes primarily to her driving force and mantra: "I can do it."

About the host, Elise:

Emotionally preparing yourself to make decisions

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Are you just starting to think about divorce? When your family's future is your priority, the choices you need to make are complex and can be overwhelming.

Join us as we discuss "Where to Start: Your Family, Your Divorce," hosted by Elise Buie, Esq. mother of 6 and founder of Elise Buie Family Law Group. Having seen just about every possible circumstance, Elise will share her knowledge about creating a successful path for your divorce that will allow you to heal and move forward.

Where to Start:
Your Family, Your Divorce

Here are a few of the topics we will cover:

How to bring up the topic of divorce with your partner

The difference between divorce and legal separation

Decisions you may need to make sooner rather than later

Alternatives to litigation

Do's and Don'ts that will help make the process easier for you

What the future could look like for your family